Day Eight


This morning I arrived to notice this guy starting at my from the conference room across from my cubicle. I don’t know where he came from but I can’t shake the feeling that he was placed where he is, directly looking at me, as some sort of experimental method to make sure interns don’t slack off.

Today I was again sourcing supplies for exhibiting artists. This time I was looking for coloured carpet tiles for a Rosie Deacon installation. Unlike last week, this artist sounded familiar (I am terrible at paying attention to local artists) and was pleasantly surprised to find out she was responsible for this work:

Real name Fun Foam Fantastical-Fabulous Fun. Better name: Technikoala

So for Rosie Deacon I had to find coloured carpet tiles, ideally cheap second-hand ones. Something I’ve really liked about Hazehurst has been the weird tips and places I’ve learnt about coincidentally by just being in the office.  A few weeks ago I learnt about how to make rice starch adhesive as an alternative to wheat paste for paste-up works. This week I learnt about Reverse Garbage.  I’d never heard of this place before but it is awesome. Intended as a place to re-sell unwanted, second-hand or factory extras, this place is filled with all kinds of neat furniture, industrial equipment, rolls of fabric, props, art materials, building material and a bunch of other miscellaneous goodies.

It was not however filled with coloured carpet tiles.

Neither was the second place I tried, a used-carpet stockist. In fact the advice I was given here was that it was unlikely I would find any second-hand carpet tiles in anything but beige.

Beige was not an option.

So out of curiosity I decided to just look up a conventional carpet retailer to gauge the availability and price of coloured tiles. As it happened I found a place in Marrickville that was basically a building-sized packet of skittles, but for carpet.

Taste the rainbow

They were of course, about four times more expensive than second-hand tiles, but Carrie seemed to think they were within budget so all good. Another problem solved by Nicola Dowse.

The rest of the day was spent finishing of the five or so projects I had on the go. A few artist statements to edit, the website blurb, a media release etc. etc. I was left basically to get on with work, which I am 100% on board with, especially since now that I’d been interning for a while, I had more of an idea as to what to be doing. I’ve come to realise that in a gallery environment, if what you’re working on isn’t for the most imminent exhibition, then you’re work isn’t going to be a top priority. Makes sense really. Why do an assignment due in two weeks when you’ve got another assignment due tomorrow?



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